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Halloween Safety

With the fun and festivities of Halloween night coming near its a good idea to start preparing to keep your pets safe.

1.  Consider putting pets in a quiet room in your home where they will be safe from activity and also keep them from possibly darting out the door when trick or treaters and guests begin to arrive.

2.  Stow away treats in a secure area like a high cabinet or one secured with a lock or child-safe latch.  Many of the candies and definitely chocolate are toxic to pets.

3.  Never leave pets alone with holiday decorations.  Some hazards are obvious like lit candles left in carved pumpkins, but also watch for choking risks like small toys children may get while trick or treating, glow sticks or fake blood that could be poisonous and fake cobwebs can choke or entangle pets and wildlife.

4.  Take caution when deciding to dress your pet in a costume that it does not pose a choking hazard or would possibly cause undue stress.

5.  Make sure your pet has an I.D. tag or is microchipped.  Lots of pets escape or become lost on Halloween night with all the festivities going on.  Proper identification is one sure way to be reunited with your beloved furry family members.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!!

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